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Competencies required for industrial electrician in Ontario

We continue to provide the information related to the requirements needed to practice commercial electrician trade in Ontario, Canada. Most of this was taken directely from Immigration Canada website, but as requirements are always subject to change, we can’t give  any guarantees that the content presented here is true at time of reading.

So, what other requirements needed to practice as industrial electrician in Ontario:

“Competencies Required to Practise Your Trade in Ontario

Before you can receive government certification, you must complete training that covers the competencies listed in the Apprenticeship Training Standards – Industrial Electrician. This document lists in detail all of the skills and work tasks that Industrial Electricians must be able to demonstrate in order to be eligible to write the Certification of Qualification exam. In Ontario, an employer who sponsors an apprenticeship signs off on each of the following competencies during an apprenticeship:

protect self and others
select and use hand and power tools
install, maintain, and repair wiring systems
select and use test and measuring equipment
read, interpret, and revise schematic drawings and documentation
install, maintain, and repair lighting systems
install, maintain, and troubleshoot power distribution systems
select, install, and maintain batteries and battery chargers
install, maintain, and troubleshoot control systems
install, maintain, and troubleshoot rotating equipment
install, maintain, and troubleshoot motor drive systems
install, maintain, and troubleshoot microprocessor-based systems

As an internationally trained Industrial Electrician, you must be able to prove that you have these skills before you can write the Certificate of Qualification exam.

Language Requirements

When you apply for certification as an Industrial Electrician, you are not required to pass an English language test, but the job requires excellent language skills. As an Industrial Electrician, you are required to read and interpret technical manufacturers’ manuals, schematic drawings, and health and safety guidelines. You must also be able to give and receive instructions clearly and effectively.

To become certified, you must write a technical multiple-choice exam, which requires a knowledge and understanding of the English terms used in this trade.”

As we see it’s not complicated for a person alredy familiar with industrial electrician profession and who alredy spent some time working as commercial electrician for some time. Other than language requirements, the minimum level of which any person should have and passing industrial electrician exam would be the only things to complete

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